FREE Afterschool Programming for South School students

FREE Afterschool Programming for South School students will be starting October 3rd and will run through the end of the school year.
The program is Mondays-Thursdays, 3-6pm. There is no afterschool programming on teacher workshop days, holidays, school vacations or early release days due to weather or any other reason.
South School Afterschool Programs is FREE for all students.
South School Afterschool Programs are paid for by 21st Century Federal Funding.
South School Afterschool Programming is a daily mixture of social emotional games, playground and snack time, academic help in reading and math, and hands on activities in STEM, Art, Physical Movement and Cooking & Nutrition.
South School Afterschool Programs include a FREE Snack afterschool and FREE Busing home at 6pm. Contact us if you have any concerns.
Please REGISTER by filling out a form at this link:

Please fill out a separate form PER student you are enrolling.
Registrations are due by Wednesday, September 14th.
After you register you will receive a confirmation email by September 21st letting you know if you student got a spot in Afterschool, spots are limited this year.
Any questions please contact Alyssa Incremona at [email protected] or 914-584-7659


A Special Note to RSU 13 Families Regarding the Parent/Guardian Economic Status Survey - We Need Your Help!
Please click below to read a memo from the Superintendent:
Memo from the Superintendent
Survey Form

About Us

Whether you have been a part of our South School family for a while, or are new to our halls, we are pleased to see all the students here each and every day.  

The entire staff here at South School are determined to make this the best year yet.  We strive for academic excellence within a safe and friendly environment for all students.  We look forward to working with students, parents, and the community to achieve our goals and watch our students thrive!  

We strongly encourage parent involvement and ask all parents to be an active participant in their child's education.  Please have a conversation with your child about the meaning of following the 3 R's - Respect Yourselves, Respect Others and Respect your Environment.  These three concepts are the basis for creating an excellent academic and social environment and are a part of our daily school announcements and school wide expectations.  It is very important for children to hear this from both parents and teachers.  

We hope that you always feel welcome at our school.  We have a wonderful staff that genuinely cares about our students.  If you have a concern about your child's day, we encourage you to speak directly to his/her teacher.  Your child's teacher will let you know the best way to reach them.  You can find their contact information under our district's directory.  Additionally, twice a year, we have parent/teacher conferences.  This is a great time to discuss how your child is doing academically as well as socially.

As always, please feel free to contact us at any time!

South School

Phone:  (207) 596-2020

Fax:  (207) 596-2026

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Parents need to register their child at the school in the town they live in.

If you have questions, or if you do not have internet access, and would like to register on paper instead of online, please call South School at 207-596-2020 or e-mail Mrs. Lessard at [email protected].

Click here to register online. 

Once your registration request has been accepted, our office will contact you with necessary account information needed to complete on-line registration forms as well as make an appointment for kindergarten screening which is on May 19 by appointment only.

Registration should be completed by April 16.

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