Arrival & Dismissal Procedure

Bus Loop:  School busses utilize the bus loop in front of the building between the hours of 7:55-8:40 am and between 2:45-3:25 pm.  For safety reasons, please do not use the loop during those hours.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter. 


When dropping your child off to school:  Unless you are utilizing our Before Care Program, students may be dropped off to school any time 8:00 am or after.  If you are dropping your child off and are letting them walk in by themselves, use the drop off loop to the side of the building.  If you want to walk your child into the building, you’ll need to park in the side parking lot as parking in the drop off loop is not permitted. Parents need to allow their student to walk to class on their own instead of walking them down the hall.  You need to say your goodbyes in the lobby and let your child continue on their way.  We have staff located in the lobby to assist your child if necessary.  For the first few days of kindergarten, parents of kindergartners are welcome to escort their student to their classroom.  For safety reasons, we need to control the number of non-school personnel who are in the building.  We are a large school with over 300 students and we have the difficult task of keeping everyone safe.  Thank you for your understanding!


When picking up your child during dismissal time:  For parents who pick their child up after school, this year’s pick up location is in our gym.  For safety reasons, we will no longer be dismissing students from the the kindergarten doors.  Parents/guardians will be required to enter the gym to sign their child out and be ready to present a photo ID.  Please use the parking spaces along the side of the track and behind the school.  Use the gymnasium door across from the track entrance to enter the building.  When leaving the parking lot please drive around the back of the school, to Holmes Street and then continue on to Broadway.  Please be mindful of the parking lot speed limit of 5 miles per hour.


Early Dismissal

If you wish to have your children dismissed early from school you must sign them out at the office. When coming to school to get your child, please stop at the office and your child will be paged. Going to classrooms is often distracting (even at the end of the day) when teachers are giving assignments or checking on after- school plans.


If someone other than a parent or legal guardian is to pick a child up, the office must be notified of in writing. Phone calls are not accepted. Dismissals should be kept to a minimum so the student does not lose instructional time.


Custody Issues

In the case of custody/visitation issues the principal will honor the most recent legal papers and contact the authorities for assistance if necessary. 


Notes of Permission

Students need to bring a note from home regarding any change in after school activities or transportation.  

Also, changes to your child’s regular dismissal procedure should take place for EMERGENCY purposes ONLY!