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Principal’s Corner

Dear South School Families and Friends,


I hope this newsletter finds you safely and comfortably in a warm and fully powered environment!  Last month I wrote about our expanded programming, including our new Social-Emotional Curriculum, as well as some specific skill information about how to provide high-quality feedback to your student.  I feel it is important for you all to be aware of the drivers behind our decisions; our Vision and Mission/Values.  Our dedicated Team Leaders drafted, and our staff adopted, the following Vision and Mission/Values statements: 

Vision: South School provides a safe, cooperative school where respect and accountability form the foundation of an inclusive learning environment that supports the needs of the whole child.  


Mission/Values: At South School we value student growth in academics, social/emotional skills, and intellectual curiosity.  Our students are motivated, thriving learners with a healthy sense of self and a growth mindset. We foster citizenship and a fearless approach to learning.


I won’t say these statements were “wordsmithed” painlessly but we are pleased with the result.  Our vision describes what we see South School becoming as we progress and improve.  Our Mission and Values Statement describes more specifically the outcomes we want for our students.  These new statements will appear on our website accompanied by some qualitative descriptions of what this looks like in our school and in our students.  Stay tuned!


Respectfully submitted,

Justin Bennett



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