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Responsive Classroom - part 2 - "Logical Consequences"

Dear South School Friends and Families,

The sun is shining (today), the birds are singing and I heard some peepers this weekend!  The Maine summer we all deserve is around the corner and I’d like to take this opportunity to continue to inform you about the Responsive Classroom practices we utilize at South School.  Last newsletter I reviewed “you break it, you fix it”, this time I’d like to cover “logical consequences.”  Please note that these practices have a strong research base for efficacy in schools however, they can be easily, and logically incorporated into your home discipline structure.  


“Logical Consequences” is the simple concept that whatever consequences we determine will be applied in a given situation must be connected to the offense.  For instance, if a student commits an infraction on the playground then the consequence will likely be playground related.  If a student makes a poor choice during music class then the consequence would be connected to music class is someway.  Ultimately, we do our best to connect the consequence to the action and setting of the infraction.  


Here are some of our “logical consequences” guidelines:


- Respect (humiliation; teacher’s & administrator’s use words and tone that communicate respect for the student)


- Related (the consequence is directly related to the student’s actions)


-Realistic (The consequence must be something the children can reasonably do and that the teacher can follow through on)


Just something to keep in mind as you structure your household!  Here’s hoping for some warm, sunny weather!



Justin Bennett








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