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Responsive Classroom - part 2 - "Logical Consequences"

Dear South School Friends and Families,

The sun is shining (today), the birds are singing and I heard some peepers this weekend!  The Maine summer we all deserve is around the corner and I’d like to take this opportunity to continue to inform you about the Responsive Classroom practices we utilize at South School.  Last newsletter I reviewed “you break it, you fix it”, this time I’d like to cover “logical consequences.”  Please note that these practices have a strong research base for efficacy in schools however, they can be easily, and logically incorporated into your home discipline structure.  


“Logical Consequences” is the simple concept that whatever consequences we determine will be applied in a given situation must be connected to the offense.  For instance, if a student commits an infraction on the playground then the consequence will likely be playground related.  If a student makes a poor choice during music class then the consequence would be connected to music class is someway.  Ultimately, we do our best to connect the consequence to the action and setting of the infraction.  


Here are some of our “logical consequences” guidelines:


- Respect (humiliation; teacher’s & administrator’s use words and tone that communicate respect for the student)


- Related (the consequence is directly related to the student’s actions)


-Realistic (The consequence must be something the children can reasonably do and that the teacher can follow through on)


Just something to keep in mind as you structure your household!  Here’s hoping for some warm, sunny weather!



Justin Bennett








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Fundraising for South School



We Save

Box Tops for Education!



Dear Families,


At South School we collect Box Tops for Education. You can find Box Tops on a variety of products in your local grocery store. Just clip them and send them into our school. We turn them into cash and purchase great things for our school!   This is a fun project and our students have fun looking for the Box Tops on the products you bring home.


If you are an on-line shopper, start your shopping at When you shop at a participating on-line store a percentage of your purchase will be donated to our school! 


Thank you for helping us with this fun project!







The Hannaford Community Cash program powered by CLYNK is a new fundraising program that allows us to run a year round bottle drive. 




·       Each student will receive a CLYNK bag that includes South School’s account tag.

·       When your CLYNK bag is full, simply return it to the nearest participating Hannaford.

·       South School’s account will be credited within two business days.


It’s that simple!


CLYNK is a Maine recycling company with a unique and innovative bottle redemption system offered exclusively in Hannaford supermarkets in Maine. CLYNK’s mission is to make recycling easier, to offer educational resources focused on recycling and to show customers how their personal recycling positively impacts our environment. CLYNK also has partnered with Hannaford to create our Community Cash fund raising program for community organizations.    



If You Give a Kid a Pancake....



                       If You Give a Kid a Pancake……


Our first grade classes at South School enjoyed making their own pancake breakfast after reading If You Give a Pig a Pancake and other stories by Laura Numeroff.  This is a quirky story that teaches students a little bit about cause and effect…if they have a pancake, they’ll need syrup, if they have syrup, they’ll need a towel, and so on!


Students had fun working on various projects pertaining to this story and were eager to find out what happens when you give a Secretary a pancake, as they delightfully delivered their yummy treat to Mrs. Thibodeau.


So, what does happen when you give a kid a pancake?  According to Ms. Richards “they want more!!!!”


















The Great Kindness Challenge



Teaching Kindness in School




 During the week of January 25th, South School joined hundreds of schools across the country for the 2016 Great Kindness Challenge ( This challenge seeks to create a culture of kindness on school campuses nationwide. 


South School’s Kindness Week targeted three areas: Our school, our community and our world. Throughout the school week students participated in kindness activities, lessons and projects to boost acts of kindness in our school.  Students made a pledge to be kind, wrote kindness notes to other students and staff and created posters for our hallways with messages of kindness.


South School students and staff also promoted kindness within our community by holding a food drive for a local food pantry. Boxes for students to put nonperishable food items in were located in the front lobby throughout the week. We also joined many other schools across the country in a global service project, to promote world kindness, called “Kind Coins for Kenya”. Students and staff were invited to donate spare change during kindness week to this cause. The money collected will be used to help build a new school in a village in Kenya through the Kids for Peace organization ( Students learned about the students in this village during classroom guidance and library lessons.


South School ended kindness week with an assembly to celebrate our acts of kindness and for the big reveal of our “Kind Coins for Kenya” and food drive totals!  We are excited to announce that South School raised $500.06 for “Kind Coins for Kenya” and 142 food items for the local food pantry!

Teaching kindness in school has the power to increase tolerance, unity and respect for all ages and is essential to preventing bullying. Children best learn kindness by feeling it so they can reproduce it.  Children need a healthy dose of kind words and actions to thrive as healthy, happy, well-rounded individuals. Our hope is that this week taught our students here at South School that it is not only important to be kind to the individuals that they see every day, but individuals in our community and throughout the world.  We’d like to thank our school counselor, Monica Karam, for organizing this great weeklong event!


 Photo courtesy of Beth Birmingham, Courier Publications




Read Across America Celebration









             Read Across America Celebration

Read Across America is an annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on March 2nd, the birthday of famous children's author Dr. Seuss.


Here at South School, children and teachers alike enjoyed celebrating Dr. Seuss, a popular author of imaginative children's books for early readers.  

In honor of the occasion, we decorated our halls, dressed in Seuss colors (red, white, and blue) and sported crazy hairdos. Guest Speakers from both the Rockland Police Department and the Rockland Fire Department joined us to read Dr. Seuss books to our students.  Assisting our guest speakers were our very own Title I teacher, Jen West and our Guidance Counselor, Monica Karam who polished up their acting abilities and became the character voices during the reading.  South School students also helped during the reading-they did a fantastic job!


The birthday celebration was topped with a silly game we called Whoville's Hot Potato!  Winners of this game received a special prize!

Dr. Seuss books are widely known for their witty rhymes and crazy characters. The plots are engaging and often teach children a broader lesson such as in “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” where children learn that dreams are achievable even when there are a “few bumps in the road”!


One of the most import things we can do for children is to help them become successful, lifelong readers. Please help your child to be successful by motivating them to read at home.
























NACD Poster Contest Winner

NACD Poster Contest Winners


Each year South School participates in the Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District conservation poster contest.  This year’s theme was “Local Heroes: Your Hardworking Pollinator”.  We are honored to announce that the poster of our very own 3rd grade student, Jordynn Pierce, was selected to be entered into the state competition!


Winners at the local level were Michael Robinson, Savannah Pettee, Kelsey Guinn.  Honorable mentions were awarded to Samantha Dunkle, Aliza Gamage, Leona Dec, Brianna Elwell, Asia Libby and Emily Oakes.


Congratulations to all of these students!


To view the official NACD Poster Contest Press Release, see the attachment at the bottom of this page.



NACD Poster Contest 2015 Press Release.pdf83.92 KB

South School’s Family Fun Night


South School’s Family Fun Night


February 27th was Family Fun Night at South School! This year’s theme is “Take a Trip Around the World”. As families entered the building, they were greeted by our South School Travel Agents, Mrs. Thibodeau and Mrs. Karam, who handed out boarding passes and carry-on bags. Students then proceeded to visit various countries such as Japan, Australia, China, Greece and Chile. Everyone had a great time learning a bit about each country and participating in themed activities such as learning to use chopsticks, the art of Chinese calligraphy, how to fly a boomerang and dressing up in a kimono.  Children also made themed crafts such as laurel wreathes, Chilean rain makers and Medusa hats. It was a great night!






















Special Education

 Our Special Education Team


Ms. Barrows,  Mrs. Whitney,  Mrs. Fox,  Mrs. Drinkwater,  Mr. Carlson