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Hello South School Friends and Families!

The holiday season is here and our programming is in full swing here at South School!  I often use this space to write about specific programs and how they can connect to home (and I will do that shortly) but first I’d like to encourage you to visit the events page of this website where you will find an impressive list of South School events and happenings.  Our staff works very hard to bring high quality experiences to your child!


On another note, with winter approaching, please know that we send the kids outside for recess as long as it “feels” like 10 degrees or above so kindly send your student with a warm winter coat, hat, and gloves.  If you are in need of any of these items please contact me at (207) 596-2020.


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!  Our new social-emotional learning program called Second Step provides me with a Principal Toolkit that offers some helpful ideas for creating a “positive discipline” environment.  I think these concepts could be helpful for parents as well.   The underlying notion is that a supportive emotional environment allows students to look at their behaviors collaboratively and thereby, frees them up to decide how to make amends.  Consider the following:


Create Safety: Greet the student with a smile, use a warm friendly tone and open body language.  Express caring

Provide Support: Listen, show empathy, and respond in a neutral, non-judgmental way to the incident.

Show curiosity: Behavior always means something.  What lies behind behavior? What need was the student trying to meet?

Distinguish the behavior from the child:  Behaviors can be changed, but the unique temperament and characteristics of the child can’t.  Support the child while you talk about the changing behavior.


I hope you consider these ideas, and as always, feel free to reach out to me for further detail.



Justin Bennett

South School Principal


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