South School

Dear South School Families,


During fire prevention week, Fireman Brian Sullivan, from the Rockland Fire Department visited our school to teach students about fire prevention and fire safety. His visit was a fun and informative time for our Students. They learned more about a Fire Fighters job, had the chance to see some of their equipment and most importantly, to learn how to keep themselves safe during a fire.  We have practiced several fire drills this year already and our students are able to exit the building very quickly and quietly and are able to make it to their designated areas outside of the school. They are doing a great job!


Each year our Second Grade students, through grant money, are able to attend the Nutcracker at the Camden Opera House. Due to lack of funding, it was thought that we would miss this experience this year until a member of our community anonymously funded the trip. What a wonderful gesture that we will surely treasure! In addition to this happy news, our music teacher, Beverly Pacheco, was able to acquire a classroom drum set for South School which will be an amazing enrichment opportunity for our students.


If your child rides the bus to/from school, please remind them about the importance of riding safely. Students are expected to stay seated in their seats facing forward, use quiet voices, and keep their bodies to themselves. It is important that our drivers are able to concentrate on driving the bus and the traffic around them. It is distracting for drivers when they need to respond to a student’s bad behavior. Please remind your child that they are expected to use their manners on the bus, as they would in class or at home and that riding the bus is a privilege. Thank you for your help with this matter.



Thank you, parents and guardians, for the wonderful turn out during parent teacher conferences! It is hard to believe but it is at this point in your child’s life where your involvement sets them on a course to succeed academically. By demonstrating your interest in their learning you are showing them that you value education which makes a huge impact on young minds as students typically model their parents. Great job!


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thanks for all you do!






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