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Dear Families,


Wow, what a month!  We have been busy, busy, busy starfish here at South School! 


First off, we’d like to thank all the parents and guardians who attended parent teacher conferences.  We are pleased to announce that over 80% of parents/guardians attended conferences this month.  Parent teacher conferences are an important way to connect with your child’s teacher and to evaluate your child’s school experience.  After all, communication between home and school is the best way to ensure that your child’s school experience is a successful one.  As a show of our appreciation, all attendee’s names were put into a drawing for a $40 gift certificate to Dominos.  The winner of that drawing was Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Richardson.  Thank you for your participation!


During fire prevention week, Fireman Brian Sullivan, from the Rockland Fire Department visited our school to teach students about fire prevention and fire safety. His visit was a fun and informative time for our students. They learned more about a fire fighters job, had the chance to see some of their equipment and most importantly, to learn how to keep themselves safe during a fire. We have had many fire drills already this year and we are happy to say that our young students are able to exit the building very quickly and quietly and know exactly where their designated areas outside of the school is. Great job everyone!!  Keeping with the fire prevention theme, our kindergarten students took a fieldtrip to the Rockland Fire Station for a tour.


Here at South School, we always get into the Halloween spirit!  We heard through the grapevine that a pumpkin fairy might truly exists so, with that in mind, we sprinkled pumpkin dust and wished on the moon and poof - pumpkins appeared!!  When students and teachers arrived the next morning, the side lawn at the school was covered in pumpkins!  The teachers and students couldn’t wait to go outside to pick a pumpkin.  After returning to the classroom, everyone had a great time with a “will it sink or will it float” science project involving their pumpkin.  Students learned that no matter how much a pumpkin weighs, if you add enough water, it will float.  Students also weighed and measured their pumpkins, designed their own jack-o-lanterns, and painted pictures of pumpkins.


We had our annual Halloween parade which is always great fun!  Students and staff donned their best Halloween costumes for our Happy Halloween Parade. This was nothing but a “treat” for parents as their children looked so incredibly cute in their costumes. There were witches, to be sure, and ghosts and goblins and I think I even spotted a Minion or two!! We were very pleased that so many families and friends came to watch the parade. Your presence made it all the more special. We’re looking forward to doing again next year!

Once again this year, the members of the South School PTF challenged teachers and students to a classroom door decorating contest. What fun we had with this spirited challenge!  There were prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners which were as follows:  First place $125 prize went to Mrs. Schintzius’ kindergarten class,  second place $75 prize went to Mrs. Peavey’s kindergarten class, and the third place $40 prize went to Mrs. Steven’s third grade class.  Congratulations for a job well done!


Just this week (November 6), we took on a health initiative called a Walking School Bus.  This initiative is designed to encourage children and their families to become more active by walking or biking to school on a regular basis.  Students were picked up from home by their regular bus but instead of being dropped off to school as usual, they were dropped off at Snow Marine Park, where South School’s teachers and staff were waiting for them and everyone walked to school from there. This event was a true community event and we could not have pulled it off without the thirty parents who volunteered to walk with us.  Thank you!  Everyone was on board with this… RSU13's transportation department, Rockland PD, teachers, students and their families!  Approximately 190 of South School’s students participated in this walk – it was a great morning adventure and a huge success!



Weekend Backpack Program:  South School has been invited to be a part of the AIO Food Pantry Weekend Backpak Program.  This program supplies extra food for the weekend for families who might like to have it.  If you are interested, please see the attachment at the bottom of this page for more information.




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