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                   If You Give a Kid a Pancake.....




Our first grade classes at South School enjoyed making their own pancake breakfast after reading If You Give a Pig a Pancake and other stories by Laura Numeroff.  This is a quirky story that teaches students a little bit about cause and effect...if they have a pancake, they'll need syrup, if they have syrup, they'll need a towel, and so on! 


Students had fun working on various projects relating to this story and were eager to find out what happens when you give a Secretary a pancake, as they delightfully delivered their yummy treat to Mrs. Thibodeau.


So, what does happen when you give a kid a pancake....?  According to Ms. Richards, they want more!!!


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Seize the Day!


Mr. Randall takes advantage of this, apparently never ending, winter by taking students outside to give them a lesson on snowshoeing. Kids had a great time while burning some energy learning how to navigate while wearing the shoes. 


Luckily, our students at South School are able to participate in Physical Education twice a week. Physical education is not only beneficial to a young child’s body; it can affect their academic learning as well. When students are healthy and physically active, they are more likely to be academically motivated and alert helping them to become a more successful student.


Many children these days get too much screen time while at home. We cannot stress enough, how important it is for parents to find a balance for their children between screen time and physical play.   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest children get 60 minutes of physical activity per day. For more information, please check out this link.







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