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Dear South School Families,

As we move deeper into the fall, and as we produce our first newsletter of the year, I'd like to take the opportunity to take a look at what I see everyday at South School and review some of the wonderful challenges our staff and students have tackled to get us here.  Although it would seem like an easy move to transition into a new building that is attached to the “old” building I assure you it is not!  Our teachers stepped up and physically removed their significant accumulations of materials in very short order and as that process happened, teams of skilled work staff renovated our buildings, upgrading heating systems, making safety improvements, painting, and generally re-shaping our new South School to meet the needs of elementary students.  This physical effort was capped by the unveiling of our new, beautiful playground! 


Instructionally, our teachers have continued to implement Responsive Classroom structures and the Lucy Caulkins writing program.  Additionally, select South School classes are participating in a reading program pilot called Reading Street.  Rest assured that your student’s teachers are working tirelessly to bring the very best instructional techniques into the classroom!


As a result of these efforts we have a beautiful school filled with fantastic young people who have bravely made their way into a new environment and made it their own.  Your students have settled in quite nicely and are becoming more and more adept in their academic skills, social skills and the ability to adapt and transition.  I am proud our work and all that we have accomplished. 


Let’s keep all this positive energy rolling!



Justin Bennett


South School Principal






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