South School


Hello South School friends and families!


As promised I would like to keep you all apprised of the “happenings” here at South so you can expect information to flow in your direction through the website, our One Call system, and via handouts.  You can also call the office at (207) 596-2020 for information. 


The start of our school year has been exciting and full of new faces, new facilities, new routines and new programming.  In the event that you have not yet heard, the school board and the Superintendent has seen fit to appoint me as principal of South School for the 2016-2017 school year.  I am honored to have to opportunity to lead the school and work with your talented young students as they grow and develop!  It is my hope that we will be able to hire an assistant principal in the near future to help me in supporting our teachers and students. 


With every change there is an adjustment period and when our children are involved the adjustments happen for both the kids and the parents, neither of which is easy.  So it is with great empathy that I ask parents to begin to support student independence by allowing their kids to put their backpacks and coats outside their respective rooms on their own before traveling down the hallway to morning recess.  You will be surprised at how quickly students can adapt and take care of themselves!  Additionally, now that the first week has past and routines are starting to solidify, we would like parents to get in the practice of signing in at the office before walking down any of the school’s wings.


Veteran South School parents know that the parking/pick-up situation before our transition to the former RDMS building was less than ideal and it was, in fact, dangerous.  We have taken steps in our new arrangement to maintain road safety buy requiring parents of “walkers” to park their cars in the parking lot at the East end of the track and walk over to the side doors to get their student.  This helps us ensure that the students are released to the right person(s) and it also prevents student from having to cross the road on their own.  Recently, parents have been parking their cars in the semi-circle next to the doors.  Please do not park your vehicles in the semi-circle.  We do not want vehicles driving so close to the building when walkers are released and, inevitably, we will have traffic jams at that point.


I want to re-iterate how wonderful it is to be in a new building and to see it full of kids!  It is going to be a great year!





Justin Bennett


Interim Principal – South School






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